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The picturesque market town of Acle has been at the heart of Norfolk life for centuries, and has been a centre of local commerce for over 800 years. The ancient name ‘Acle’ means ‘oaks lea,’ which means a clearing in an oak wood. Though in the past the village was surrounded by oaks, these were felled in the Tudor period to provide wood for Elizabeth I’s navy, which repulsed the Spanish Armada.

Acle is also home to the beautiful Church of st Edmund, one of Norfolk’s most fascinating ecclesiastical buildings. St Edmunds is known for having architectural features spread all over the historical calendar, with its round Saxon stage being the oldest part, and featuring Norman, Tudor, Augustan and Victorian elements. For anyone who’s interested in the architectural history of the region, Acle is a real treat.

Acle sits on the bank of the River Bure, and there are plenty of places to moor up both in and around the village. If you’re travelling from Yarmouth or Oulton Broad, Acle is a great choice of stopover point for your first night. Acle’s railway station, which sits on the famed Wherry Line between Norwich and Great Yarmouth, gives you the opportunity to embark on a daytrip to Norwich or Yarmouth, whether you’re looking for tourist attractions or just need to stock up on essentials.

Acle’s position on the south eastern corner of the Broads network makes it a great choice of stopping point for anyone navigating from Yarmouth.

Image courtesy of the_gman