Visit Gorleston and The Broads for a British Break in Norfolk

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Sitting on the coast near to the mouth of the river Yare, Gorleston is a bustling Suffolk village that conceals a wealth of leisure ideas as well as a truly stunning beach. If your Broads adventure includes a trip along the River Yare, then why not hop onto dry land at Gorleston and enjoy some of the nation’s finest fish and chips, or sample some delicious local ales at one of the village’s many delightful pubs? Gorleston may be small, but if you’re exhausted after the bright lights and dazzle of Great Yarmouth, Gorleston beach makes a great place to relax.

If you’re navigating the River Yare, Gorleston is a great place to stop for fish and chips, a seaside wander, or as a quieter alternative to the glitz and dazzle of Great Yarmouth. The River Yare enters the North Sea at Gorleston, and while this inlet has decreased in economic significance, you can still see the artefacts of this important herring-trade route around the town.

The River Yare follows the 35 mile Wherryman’s Way footpath, so if you’ve been thinking of embarking on a day of walking while exploring the Broads, you can start at Gorleston and make your way to Loddon, Reedham or Norwich, depending on how far you want to walk. This historic route is intended to trace the path of the trading wherries which travelled from Yarmouth to Norwich, so if you’d rather navigate the route instead, you’ll get the opportunity to experience a truly historic journey.

So if you’re planning on exploring the Yare, or you’re interested in discovering the unique sights of the East Coast, Gorleston is a lot more than just Yarmouth’s neighbour, and is well worth a visit.

Image courtesy of Houghtonbirds