Norwich Broads

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The city of Norwich is the largest settlement on the Broads, and a fantastic destination for anyone who wants to experience all things Norfolk. The Victorian need to travel between the city and the North Sea helped Norwich grow until it was Britain’s second most economically significant city, and despite its present sleepy atmosphere, the town still has everything you could need in the way of supplies, as well as being filled with attractions both historical and up-to-date.

Even if you haven’t got time to navigate all the way to Norwich by boat, many of the towns along the broads have train stations, most of which are linked to Norwich by the Wherry Lines which extend from Norwich to Lowestoft and Yarmouth. The city is famous for its market, where you can buy local produce, enjoy some unique local flavours, and take in the vibrant atmosphere.

Norwich is also a good choice of starting point for you Broads adventure, especially if you’re returning for a second holiday after originally setting out from Oulton Broad. By starting from the other side of the network, you can see everything you may have missed the first time round.

If you’re planning on starting or finishing your Broads adventure at Norwich, make sure you take at least half a day to explore the city!

Image courtesy of Abi Skipp