Potter Heigham

Get out on The Norfolk Broads from Potter Heigham

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Famous for its incredible mediaeval bridge, the village of Potter Heigham is one of the true delights of any Broads adventure, and despite its small size is packed with sights, sounds and experiences which make it a real must-stop highlight of the Broads experience. The stunning mediaeval bridge dates back to 1385, and has a reputation for being the hardest bridge on the broads to navigate. Luckily resident pilot Greg Lochhead is always on hand to help get you through this most beautiful of obstacles, for a reasonable fee of £10 each way.

The bridge is a tourist attraction in its own right, and is a remarkable example of surviving mediaeval architecture. History buffs will also love the Church of St Nicholas, which is one of 124 round tower churches in Norfolk, and which features an unusual hammerbeam roof and an almost unique 15th century brick font.

Norfolk is famed for its iconic windmills, and three of the very best examples, including Sunways corn mill, High’s mill and the stunning Heigham Holmes windpump. If you really want to get a feel for the enduring character of Norfolk, Potter Heigham is one of the most picturesque, historic and beautiful villages on the Broads network.

So if you’re navigating the northern region of the Broads, make sure you don’t miss out on the incredible mediaeval heritage and inspiring atmosphere of Potter Heigham. If you’ve spent the night at Thurne or Horning, Potter Heigham makes a great place to stop for elevenses and a mid-morning stroll.

Image courtesy of Mira66